Phototours & Photographic Experiences

Whether a weekend Masterclass or perhaps a Workshop in New Zealand or USA, there are many opportunities to join me on a photographic adventure to explore, share and learn. From different ways of seeing to post production techniques to help you express your vision, my goal is that you will go away from these experiences with a greater understanding of the Art of Vision, and new ways of approaching your photography.

Join my colleagues & I on journeys of photographic vision as seen through the eyes of world class and highly awarded photographers. Learn why great, award-winning images are the result of the photographer’s passionate intent and creative vision. 



Participants will embark on journeys beyond shutter speeds and white balances into the heart of photography – making images that speak, images that tell stories, images that inform the mind and move the heart. Our sympathetic, warm-hearted talks and honest photographs go deep to the core of both the purpose and method of making great photographs. Taking the approach of a free-spirited but sure-footed wanderer we endeavour to ensure, as a participant, you will stay inside our head and therefore vision, right from the moment we shoulder our camera bags and lead you on the first pre-dawn shoot.
Gain an insight into the mindset of photography award judges …… by some of the most experienced and respected international judges in the photography world.