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looking to improve your Photoshop skills or perhaps looking for inspiration and motivation, Tony can assist you in expanding the way you think.



“His images will leave you breathless. His approach will challenge you like never before. His uncanny ability to help you use your own qualities to further your endeavors, commands attention. His flair for teaching is unparalleled in this country. Above all else, Tony Hewitt will inspire you with the confidence to take your photography, business and life to the next level.”

Jerry Ghionis G.M.Photog. (Las Vegas USA)


My Mastermind Group experience with Tony was fantastic.  There was an excellent mix of sessions with other group members and regular one to ones which, each time, left me motivated, inspired and equipped to improve my photography. The group sessions enabled me to get different perspectives on the creative process from like-minded individuals, who I thought Tony selected very well to ensure that we gelled as a group and enjoyed our interactions.  

In the one to one sessions, Tony’s focus and mentoring really helped me to maintain a consistent path with my project throughout the year, and I came to see recurring themes and areas for improvement that I know will help me as a photographer. Challenging, but nothing worth doing is easy, and he’s also very good at motivating you through those dips in enthusiasm that we all have when life gets in the way. The final artists retreat and culmination of our projects was a perfect mix of technical, motivational and inspirational interactions in a relaxing environment, including guests from different genres of art which allowed us to see the creative process from different perspectives.

The group dynamic that Tony nurtured throughout the year contributed to making this a great experience and means that the group is talking about continuing to share and encourage each other as we continue on our creative journeys.  I’d definitely recommend the Mastermind Group process for anyone who wants to challenge themselves to take their photography to the next level"




"Tony is a truly inspiring photographic artist, his achievements speak for themselves and his enthusiasm and passion for the arts is infectious. He always go’s above and beyond and his knowledge seems endless. The Master Mind Group was quite simply the most fulfilling creative and life changing journey I have taken in recent memory. He is extremely articulate and a master at challenging you to find what it is you need to take your creative pursuits and confidence to places you never thought possible. All in a safe and supportive environment. I used visual story telling in a completely foreign genre to what I thought I was good at to communicate a challenging set of events in my life. It turned into an extremely therapeutic experience and revived lost passions that lay dormant for years. I not only learned a lot about the art of visual story telling but a lot about myself and who I was as a creative artist. 

I can safely say I would not have achieved finalist in the Emerging Photographer category at the 2018 APPA’s without Tony’s guidance. I can’t recommend the Master Mind Group highly enough and the artist retreat is a great opportunity to mix with artists from different genres in a relaxed environment." 

Chris Dark


Death Valley USA


Contact Tony now for one-on-one coaching or mentoring. Whether you are looking to improve your Photoshop skills or perhaps looking for inspiration and motivation, Tony can assist you in expanding the way you think, and can be a catalyst to taking your photography to a new level!

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