Broome and Derby Aerial Masterclass 2024

Do You Want To Create Amazing Aerials? It’s both capture & post-production! 


Shark Bay is amazing, no question, but some of Tony’s even more successful photographs come from Broome and Derby where, while shooting a job for a resort, he discovered some new gems. 

There are two main reasons for choosing us and the first is the experience we offer in getting you to the best locations for your aerial photography adventure. How hard can it be? You’d be surprised at how many people fly over these areas without even seeing the images we’ve captured, plus Tony knows exactly where to go based on the weather and the tides.

The second reason for coming with us is that there are very few photographers in the world who can match the post-production skills we teach. The photographs you see in this brochure didn’t just come out of the camera. Rather, the camera is the beginning of a series of steps that includes extensive (but quite simple) post-production – and this is the key element of what we will teach in Broome.

In summary, this workshop is designed to show you exactly what we do, how we locate our subjects, take the photos and process the final images. There are no secrets – we share everything we know!


Date:  4 to 8 June 2024

Venue:  Broome and Derby

Includes:  Aerial Photo flights, transfers, meals and accommodation.

Limited to 8 photographers.

Please email or phone for further information. 

Phone 61 411 555508