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Fine Art Photographic Prints
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One-on-One Coaching / Master Mind Group / Folio Reviews
Join me on a Photo Tour or Masterclass
Australian Photographic Prize Awards Tony Hewitt Landscape Winner 2022 Runner up in Nature & Wildlife

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Tony shares some insights...
Girt by Sea Project

The spirit of curiosity and exploration drove two photographers on an epic Australian adventure. The result is a truly unique collection that is yours to own.

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His images will leave you breathless. His approach will challenge you like never before. His uncanny ability to help you use your own qualities to further your endeavours, commands attention. His flair for teaching is unparralled in this country. Above all else, Tony Hewitt will inspire you with the confidence to take your photography, business and life to the next level.

Jerry Ghionis M.Photog.

I will never be able to adequately express my gratitude for the unique opportunity of being mentored by Tony Hewitt! I believe that to be a great teacher, you need more than a repertoire of technical and artistic knowledge. You also need the ability to communicate with students in a way that challenges them as much as it supports and inspires them. With Tony, I received both. He recognized that for me, it was less about nailing compositions and more about anticipating moments, connecting with the deeper meaning of what I was trying to photograph, and inspiring me to go after all of it with determination, conviction, and a love for my subjects. He’s able to talk about how and why photography is an important tool in understanding who we are as visual communicators, and more importantly, as people. For me as a recent retiree, this encouragement was a real-life changer.  I now look forward to a life of retirement excited by the prospect of using my photography to discover more about myself.

His mentoring continues to guide my work to this day, and I cannot recommend his coaching highly enough.

Barbara Brown

Many thanks for an unforgettable weekend, the organisation and location were both flawless. The group was better than one could reasonably expect, and the pace perfect.

Tony inspired me with his easy, enthusiastic style. He opened my eyes to possibilities that I had not seen before, and left me keen to explore new areas in my own work. I particularly enjoyed the analysis of Tony’s prints, and the explanation of the process of turning an image from photo to fine art.

Thanks again to both of you for a very special masterclass.

Jeff Grant

The Rottnest Masterclass was sublime! From the location to the technical and coaching taking place one could only walk away that bit of a better photographer, enthused and inspired. My only complaint was that the days were far too short! Thank you for the well organised, well run inspirational class.

Louise Sherwen-Slater

The Rottnest Weekend was absolutely fabulous. Everyone who attended loved it. I never thought I would get up at 4am two mornings in a row without complaining! Thanks to you both for being so generous with your time and skills. The weekend has helped me greatly and I feel very inspired to try lots of new ideas.

Can’t wait for the next one!

Catherine Matthys

Thank you Tony and Denis for a very memorable and inspiring weekend at Rottnest. I loved every minute!


Dear Tony & Denis,

Thank you both for the thought & care you both put into the Rottnest Masterclass. You were both so generous with your expertise and experience.

I enjoyed the weekend more than I can say. What a priviledge to spend it with such a lovely group of people. I have come away from the weekend with feelings of confidence and inspiration.

Again, my thanks. I intend to repeat the class next year if you decide to run it again.

Shevaun Buschenhofen

Thank you both for a fantastic weekend in Rottnest. For a first timer to Rottnest, you certainly showed me the beauty of the island and opened my senses to the little things around me that I would normally walk past.

Denis, your organisational skills are impeccable as usual and Tony, thank you for your generosity in imparting your knowledge and skills in turning our images into works of art.
Meeting a great group of people and making some new friends was a bonus!

Denise Yim

G’day Tony & Denis,

Well, I’ve been sitting here thinking about what I could say about the Masterclass at Karri Valley for quite awhile mainly because there was so much to like about it. From the absolutely

fantastic setting of the Resort, the food, the wine and the excellent service by Resort staff; to the variety of beautiful scenes to photograph. The excellent discussions involving like minded people through to the awesome presentations facilitated by Tony and Denis. I think though that the highlight (the Hero Shot) for me was being privilaged to simply hang out with two Photographers, two Gentlemen who, although may be different in their approach, have a

deep passion for the art and so obviously enjoy  sharing their passion and wisdom. Thanks to all who attended for a great weekend. I highly recommended this Masterclass or anything that Denis and Tony are involved in.


Denis and Tony, thank you both for an exciting and inspiring Rottnest Island Masterclass.Good logistics and a great venue complemented the unique experience [for me ] of walking with a Master Photographer and listening to the thought processes as images were entertained mentally prior to committing to the click.I also found it very valuable to literally watch over the shoulder and see post-production manipulation of the image as the vision was transformed into reality.Thank you for helping me “see”!

Peter and Gayle Randell

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