The Tony Hewitt 2024 Master Mind Group is a small Mentoring group (Max 4-6), with a focus on finding greater purpose in your photography and taking it to the next level.

Beyond Photoshop and shutter speeds, you will be challenged to discover what drives your image making, ‘why’ you press the shutter and what you can bring to your photography that is truly unique. This small community will also offer the opportunity for networking, and be able to support you going forward as you take the step up to new levels with your photography.  

I am excited to be looking forward to a new adventure with the 2024 Mastermind Group.

I am always honored and excited to being able to work with passionate and committed people who want to grow, and I look forward to working with you on your individual creative journeys. I will challenge you, encourage you, and support your learning, and together we will elevate your photography and reveal more of who you are as a visual artist and what you are capable of.

The Mastermind program consists of monthly group, and one to one sessions, regular image feedback, and personal projects. These monthly sessions will lead up to a 4 day photographic artists retreat where we will come together to consolidate our learnings, present our Personal Project outcomes, and plan for individual creative journeys going forward.

This program is suitable for overseas and interstate participants through the use of group on-line sessions such as ‘Zoom (or similar)’. This worked very well in previous programs, which have included participants from various countries.


Confidence, Creativity, Thought-flow & Growth, will all be a primary focus, as together we create an environment where you, the photographer can continue to develop personal vision and style, bring greater purpose to your image making, and discover who you are as a visual communicator and what you are truly capable of with your photography and art.

Be ready to achieve!