Aliquas Partes Exhibition

In Aliquas Partes, I explore the idea that some of the parts of the whole can have a life of their own, and in all experiences, places and things, there is always some part, or perhaps many smaller parts, that are whole unto themselves, perfect in their own way, sufficient in their individuality, albeit that when combined with other parts they can contribute to an even greater experience!

Each final image is the result of my exploration into isolated aspects of a found place, with the deliberate intent to focus on colour, texture, shape or form. Each aspect illustrating a part of the full experience and aiming to bring greater awareness to the completeness of that individual characteristic, while at the same time it is in the company of other features of the whole experience.

Within this collection you will also find some of the parts, each presented as an extract, sourced from the full image, a part of the larger presentation, and yet complete in themselves. A further exploration of ‘Some of the Parts’!