Keeping the Creative Edge – a night with Tony Hewitt

Keeping the Creative Edge

A night of inspiration with Tony Hewitt


Ever wondered how some photographers stay motivated month after month, year after year. Continuously coming up with new and fresh approaches to their work?

If your inspiration has run dry, if your creative fire needs re-lighting, then listen, learn and interact with one of the best.

Whether you’re a wedding photographer, prefer to shoot portraits or perhaps your passion is in the landscape? This is for you!

Tony has a background that includes exploring each of these genres and more. Creating ‘something from nothing’ is a common theme behind images such as those in his Concrete Series. He is a Grand Master and an Hon Fellow of the AIPP, and with over 20 years experience behind him is the ideal person for those hard questions such as . . . how do I find fresh inspiration doing the same thing each week? How do I change my style? Where does my creativity come from?