Rottnest Masterclass 2010

Workshops // Rottnest Masterclass Series in Western Australia by Tony Hewitt

Tony Hewitt, AIPP Grand Master Photographer, Hon Fellow AIPP and Denis Glennon AO, combined their respective expertise to present Tony’s inaugural Masterclass in Western Australia.

The venue for this exclusive event was one of Western Australia’s jewels of nature – The Country Club, Rottnest Island.

The Masterclass was run on Sat 6th & Sun 7th November 2010,

Highlights of the Masterclass were:

  • The journey of photographic vision through the eye of a Grand Master Photographer (only nine in Australia)
  • Breaking free of the constraints of pre-visualisation; be guided by Tony at dawn and sunset shoots
  • Learning that either side of the moment we choose to press the trigger is a journey of discovery – the journey of capture and the journey of expression
  • Discovering the power of unbridled imagination, child-like curiosity, intuition and vision in the journey of capture
  • Recognising the essential but frequently elusive elements of the indecisive moment in the journey of capture
  • The journey of expression – bring your vision to others. The mechanics are just a means to an end
  • Tony’s candid and eloquent sharing of his techniques and thought processes on capturing images that strongly resonate with viewers
  • Learning why great, award winning images are the result of the photographer’s passionate intent, engagement with the world in the frame and most importantly, creative vision
  • Informing participants how to journey beyond shutter speeds and white balances into the heart of photography – making images that speak, images that tell stories, images that inform the mind and move the heart
  • Tony’s sympathetic, warm-hearted talks and honest photographs go deep to the core of both the purpose and method of making great photographs. He is a free-spirited but a sure-footed wanderer who will ensure, as a participant, you will stay inside his head and therefore vision, right from the moment he shoulders his camera bag and leads you on the first pre-dawn shoot
  • An insight to the mindset of photography award judges …… by one of the most experienced and respected international judges in the photography world

The event was a total package event that included:

  • Return Rottnest Express Ferry tickets
  • Shared accommodation
  • All meals
  • Transport to remote areas of the island for pre-dawn and sunset shoots such as Parker Point & West End
  • Attendance at all Masterclass tutorials and shoots on Sat and Sun
  • Handout materials and helpful, constructive commentary on images captured during the shoots