2016 Masterclass with Denis Glennon – The Travelling Eye


We invite you to join us, at the best time of the year, in the magnificent Avon Valley for


YORK Western Australia – FRI 16th, SAT 17TH, SUN 18TH & MON 19TH SEPTEMBER 2016.


All travel photographers are at the mercy of conditions thrown their way. They have to be masters of light, whether they find themselves at a stunning seascape and a howling wind arrives out of nowhere, or because of horrendous traffic congestion they find themselves photographing the Holi festival in Varanasi, in the harshest noon light.

The better travel photographers tend not to just photograph what they literally see in their viewfinder but also use what they see as as possibilities for creative interpretations.

This kind of photography is also about photographing how you feel about what you see. It is the creative process of interpreting what you see.
This creativity has much to do with the human experience of emotion. It’s not enough to have an image that’s technically perfect anymore. Sometimes it’s the “imperfections” you introduce that give the image the humanity, and what distinguishes your style or signature. How to do this is the constant challenge.

Getting inside the heads of talented and experienced photographers remains one of the more effective ways for people to learn the art and craft of travel photography. Seeing what they see, knowing what they think and feelbefore they press the shutter button and understanding what they hoped to achieve in their photographs is a compelling way of improving your own photography.

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