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2016 – Shark Bay – an ND5 project

2016 – T Landt van d’Eendracht from Michael Fletcher on Vimeo.

In 1616 Dutch mariner, Dirk Hartog unintentionally landed on the shores of the West coast of Australia, becoming the first European to do so. He named this uninhabited land ‘Eendrachtsland’ after his ship the ‘Eendracht’. Hartog and his crew spent three days exploring this region before continuing on to their intended port of Batavia, leaving behind an inscribed pewter plate on what’s now known as Cape Inscription on Dirk Hartog Island. Many European explorers followed Hartog including, Vlamingh, Dampier, Baudin, and Freycinet mapping and naming many of its land and sea features which identify this ancient land today.

With the 400 year anniversary of this chance discovery to occur on the 25th October 2016, ND5 collaborators, Tony Hewitt, Peter Eastway, Les Walkling, Christian Fletcher, and Michael Fletcher have commenced a three year mission to explore and capture visually what is truly a remarkable region of Western Australia. An area rich in history, culture, and bio diversity.

‘2016’ is a work in progress. At the very heart of this project is an opportunity to reveal the many hidden layers of such a diverse environment not clearly evident as we stand upon its surface. It’s about origins, not just of the first visitors to these shores, but all origins including Indigenous, European, Asian, all of which who have contributed to the cultural fabric of a region more commonly called Shark Bay.

Shot using Canon C300, 5D mk3, GoPro Hero3, and 5D mk2
Edited on Premiere Pro CS6

Music by Jo Quail ‘Adder Stone’ www.joquail.co.uk

ND5 www.nd5.com.au

Pilot Roger Avery www.busair.com.au

The Pilbara Project – Tony by Michael Fletcher

The Pilbara Project – a Teaser by Michael Fletcher

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