Keeping up with the world . . . !

Anyone else feel like it seems harder and harder to keep up with the world?

Whether you are trying to stay on top of internet communications or looking

to explore every opportunity, it is becoming more and more relevant that the

real challenge in front of each of us is not finding opportunity, but rather

learning how to make the right choices. The choices that take us closer to

wherever it is we want to go?

3 Responses to “Keeping up with the world . . . !”

  1. kevin sturges says:

    Dear Tony
    love the photos. Indecision? square format or pano?

    WHY should we keep up with the world. Enjoy the moment, live for now. The real decision/Question is…. is this me?…. is this what I want? Do i want to go along for the ride? or…… is it because others expect it.
    I sound like you tony.
    Best regards.
    Kevin Sturges

  2. I prefer to be like the spoonbill….by just being me – even if it is a little bit different…. and then I don’t have to keep up to anything.

    The real key in making choices then is to be connected with my own unique inner voice so that my choices are made for me regardles of where the rest of the world is at.

    My own personal practices, intuition, and committment, all contribute to enable me to listen to, and act upon my own inner voice.

  3. Graham says:

    I totally agree. It is so difficult to find time to blog, gooogle+, facebook, twitter, etc, and even know which one of these is helping you 🙁

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